Health and Safety

SM Energy complies with all applicable laws and regulations and conducts our operations in a manner that demonstrates high ethical standards, legal compliance and operational excellence.

We recognize the valuable role our contractors have in our operations and the important contributions they make to the success of our company. We expect all contractors we hire to respect and comply with SM Energy’s safety culture and core values including the vital importance of protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and surrounding community while also safeguarding the environment.

Our company has a “Stop Work Authority” policy at all of our facilities that empowers any employee or contractor to stop any work they believe is being conducted in a manner that could result in an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) incident.

To ensure that SM Energy’s contractors are aligned with all of our EHS values, we use a Contractor Management Program (CMP) to evaluate performance and approve the use of a contractor prior to the contractor’s arrival at any SM Energy field location. Included in this program are criteria on how we evaluate, select, monitor and communicate our EHS expectations to our contractors.

This program uses a third party to evaluate and qualify contractors prior to approving them to work at any SM Energy field location. Contractors are graded on their safety program performance over the past three years; the strength of their safety programs; their policies and procedures; and the extent of their training programs.

To help ensure contractors implement their safety programs and provide necessary training, SM Energy conducts safety reviews on our contractors at both the corporate level and field level. Contractors are selected for these reviews based on risks, activity level and past performance. Each year we perform more than 50 of these reviews across all of our operating regions.