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The technology and data landscape is rapidly changing in the oil and gas industry. We recognize that as we transform our processes and decision making to take advantage of new data sets and technologies, we need to ensure that our people have the skills and education needed to adapt to technological advances.

We offer our entire organization opportunities to develop and maintain the skills needed to thrive in our current, data-rich environment, including the following:

  • Each year, our geoscientists, engineers, and data specialists from around the Company attend a three-day, in-house Technical Conference to learn and discuss innovative technologies and methods being employed across the Company. This sharing ensures that we broadly leverage the most current technologies to efficiently develop our assets.
  • Employees are offered training on the latest analytic platforms, and work on data-driven projects that improve operational efficiencies around the organization. In 2018, we introduced two new internal training programs focused on developing the skills needed to work with larger datasets, automate workflows, and leverage machine learning techniques.

We utilize state-of-the-art digital technology in our operations. We are continually seeking innovative ideas to help us reduce our impact on shared natural resources, and striving to utilize the most effective technologies available to operate in an efficient, safe, and responsible manner.