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Everyday Life

Our work impacts your life in ways you may have never realized.

Oil and natural gas are interwoven into our everyday lives. Many of the things that help us live, play, thrive and connect to one another include materials made from a byproduct of petroleum.

Home and Lifestyle

Products made from petroleum are everywhere in our homes from the asphalt-shingled roof that gives us shelter to the linoleum floors and most everything in between, including paints, carpets, drapes, upholstery, linens and appliances. They help provide our most basic necessities and help turn our houses into homes.

Wardrobe and Textiles

Many of our clothes and outerwear are made of similar synthetic fibers, like polyester and nylon, which let us look our best, perform at our best and protect us from the elements. They are found in everything from hosiery, swimwear and formal wear to performance wear and outdoor apparel.

Recreational and Safety Products

Petroleum-related products help power our play, from inflatable sports balls to nylon netting that secures goals. Petroleum-based products have also contributed to advancements in the sporting world through the various protective gear made from plastics and the playing fields made with artificial turf that help protect athletes from injury.

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals

Oil and natural gas have helped us thrive by adding products that have contributed to saving lives and improving our health. Much of our modern medicine and equipment are wholly or partially made of petroleum based products. Natural gas products are also changing lives through devices and appliances like contacts and eyeglass frames, hearing aids and even artificial limbs.

Emerging Technologies

Many emerging technologies wouldn’t be possible, or at least as efficient, without the assistance of products made from petroleum. Most tech products that keep us connected every day, like mobile phones, personal computers, televisions and gaming consoles are all made with petroleum based parts. As well as forms of renewable energy, including wind turbines, hybrid vehicles and solar panels rely on oil and natural gas.