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South Texas


2021 Operating Plan

2021 Plan Details

• 3Q21: 11 net wells completed and 10 net wells drilled

• YTD 3Q21: 19 net wells completed and 26 net wells drilled; full year expectation of 28 wells completed and 32 net wells drilled

• ~12,000’ expected average lateral feet per well

• ~20% Boe PDP decline expected (YE20 – YE21)

Marketing Update

• Transportation costs expected to decrease ~$0.25/Mcf starting July 2021 and decrease an additional ~$0.35/Mcf in mid 2023

Austin Chalk Success

• 2020 Austin Chalk wells have an expected breakeven flat oil price range of $12 – $28/Bbl NYMEX at go forward development capital

• Delineation program of 28 wells producing as of the end of the 3Q has indicated Austin Chalk inventory over a broad area

Operating Details*

*as of November 1, 2021